Prison Rape Elimination Act

Addiction Research and Treatment Services (ARTS) has a zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual assault/rape and sexual misconduct of any type.  Participation in sexual activity on grounds is strictly PROHIBITED and is subject to sanctions under ARTS rules.  ARTS has designated PREA coordinators to oversee, coordinate and monitor compliance with PREA Community Confinement Standards.

ARTS clients have the right to be safe from sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual harassment, or sexual misconduct regardless of whether the client is heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or transgender.  Clients have the right to be safe from unwanted sexual advances and acts. Clients also have the right to say “NO” to pressure to engage in any type of sexual activity.  In addition, clients have the right to report any sexual attempt and/or sexual assault immediately.

All reports of sexual behavior will be initially investigated by ARTS staff.  Any incident involving potentially criminal behavior will be immediately forwarded to the Denver Police Department for criminal investigation and possible prosecution.

Reporting Procedures for Sexual Assault/Rape and Sexual Misconduct

CONFIDENTIALITY: All staff members are required to keep the reported information confidential, except to report the information to the appropriate superiors.

If a client has been a victim of sexual assault or sexual misconduct, witnessed or has knowledge of any incident of sexual assault or misconduct, the information should be reported in writing or verbally in any of the following ways:

  • Speaking in person with a staff member
  • Mailing a note or a letter in a sealed envelope to a staff member
  • Directly giving a note to a staff member
  • Contacting the Blue Bench (crisis hotline: 303-322-7273)
  • Notifying the Denver Police Department
  • Lodging a complaint with the 2nd Judicial District Attorney
  • DOC clients may call the DOC Tip Line at 1-877-362-8477
  • Contacting Peer I’s PREA Coordinator at 303-734-3307 or Haven’s PREA Coordinator at 303-734-3376
  • Contacting Peer I’s Director at 720-283-3668 or Haven’s Director at 303-734-3346
  • Contacting Synergy’s PREA Compliance Manager and Director at 720-283-3620

Knowledge of any sexual activity or misconduct can also be reported by a third party.

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