Residential Treatment Center Aide (Overnight Shift)

Peer I is a substance abuse treatment program for adult men with chronic histories of substance use disorders; many serving some form of a legal sentence with the state of Colorado. The operations department is responsible for the monitoring of clients within the facility as well as while they are in the community for public safety issues. The position observes, monitor, and intervenes in and recording of client activity. The position audits a plethora of standards from the Division of Criminal Justice, Signal Behavior Health, and Behavioral Health Administration. This position is located at the Ft. Logan Campus and will be scheduled during overnight shift hours.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Observe and monitor client behaviors and initiate prescribed interventions when needed.
  • Observe and document same sex urinalysis.
  • Document completion of the service and report any concerning behavior.
  • Complete same sex pat searches.
  • Monitor and document client ingestion of Antabuse, naltrexone and other medications as needed.
  • Audit all client medications for count accuracy and compliance with medication directions.
  • Orders medication refills when needed.
  • Authorize client to leave the facility for work, pass, and job search activities.

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