Security Guard/Driver MMU

This position will provide assistance to other University of Colorado/ARTS staff members who provide drug and alcohol assessment, psychosocial, and pharmacological treatment to adults who are living with Substance Use Disorder (SUD). This position is responsible for providing security inside, outside, and in proximity of the University of Colorado’s Medication Mobile Unit (MMU), as well as safely and competently operating, driving, maneuvering, and parking the MMU at locations where the MMU will be providing SUD treatment and services. The position will be supervised by a senior counselor, a Clinic Team Lead, and/or the Clinic Manager of a designated ARTS Clinic.

The position will be assigned to the Medication Mobile Unit (MMU) which will operate and provide substance use disorder services in the greater Metro Denver area and be stored when not in use at the ARTS Parkside Clinic in Denver and/or at other ARTS clinic locations. This position will report to the Clinic Manager and may perform other duties as assigned. This position will primarily work with patients who are participating in Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), potentially referred from probation departments and with opioid dependent patients and/or other referral sources (i.e., department of social services).

The security guard/driver position is typically required to work from 6:00am-2:30pm, occasionally for a limited number of hours on Saturdays, from 6:00am-10:00am.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Conduct security patrols, provide stationary security post duties, maintain safety and welfare of ARTS staff, patients, and any related individuals inside and outside of, and in proximity of, the ARTS Medication Mobile Unit (MMU) vehicle, and respond to all calls for service directed by ARTS staff and/or patients using MMU services.
  • Maintain flow of people in, around and outside of the MMU at manageable levels and constantly check areas for unauthorized personnel or movement of individuals and patrol facilities including, but not limited to parking lots, open spaces, streets, and alleys, etc. to deter crime and disruptions caused by physical or verbal conflict between staff, patients and or other individuals.
  • Drive, operate, and park the MMU in a safe, competent, courteous, and prudent manner at all times, maneuver the MMU to/from its daily parked location at an AOP clinic and the location(s) where the MMU will provide SUD treatment and services.
  • Physically inspect and check all MMU doors, windows, entries and exits for safety, and inspect vehicle is in safe operating condition each workday at minimum, at the start of workday, each hour during workday, and at end of workday.
  • Respond to alarms and communicate and assist relevant fire, police and/or emergency departments as necessary, ensure that ARTS Adult Outpatient Program (AOP) supervisory and/or AOP management personnel are expediently and properly notified of any security-related incidents including, but not limited to, breaches of security occurring on, in, or near the MMU, or of information received that may create a security risk for University/ARTS employees and property
  • Contact local law enforcement as appropriate, create, report, file and archive complete, accurate and timely reports to record any security incidents and document investigations and maintains logs relating to activity on MMU, assist in evacuating staff and patients during emergencies.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

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