Substance Use and Behavioral Healthcare Counselor Lead

This position will provide training and share knowledge with staff regarding best clinical practice with a focus on trauma informed, gender responsive care for clients in substance use disorder treatment. Will act as a shift lead and will be assigned in the on call supervisory rotation. Position will include coordination with other clinicians to gather information to complete clinical documentation to send to Medicaid in order to justify medical need/clinical need for continued treatment. Will interface with various Regional Accountability Entities to assure that members receive continued authorization for care by required deadlines. Will provide Medicaid authorization information to billing and the director. Will carry a small individual case load and provide individual sessions per agency and oversight agency standards. Will be required to provide various treatment groups and document all clinical activities in an electronic health record. Will conduct assessments, develop treatment plans, and assist clients with discharge/transition planning for those clients on the case load. Will perform daily functions within a residential setting that may include but are not limited to bed checks, urinalysis testing, medication monitoring, care coordination, and checking clients in and out of the facility or other duties as assigned, in addition to individual supervision occurring weekly to every two weeks.

In addition to providing individual and group counseling services, this position is responsible for completing assessments to determine medical necessity for treatment and is the liaison with Medicaid RAE’s to determine reauthorization of client care. One will complete spreadsheets for the billing department to show the level of care determined by Medicaid so the billing department can appropriately bill for services. One will assist other clinicians in completing assessments for Medicaid as well as completing treatment plans and reports that justify the level of care. In addition, one will be on call to assist other clinicians in proper clinical interventions and crisis management. Additional services such as milieu management, assigning client behavioral assignments to address client needs, medication monitoring, UA’s, and BA’s, monitoring client passes, etc. will also be required.

Because this position requires direct observation of females submitting specimens for urinalysis and nightly bed checks of female clients, being female has been determined to be a Bona Fide Occupational Qualification and only females will be considered for the position.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate groups and provide individual counseling.
  • Will have a small caseload and will track client progress through treatment, developing individualized after care plans.
  • Provide on-call services to other counselors/staff approximately 2 weeks out of the month.
  • Complete Medicaid documentation/assessments for reauthorization of client care and acts as the facility liaison for Medicaid Authorizations with multiple Medicaid RAE’s Assessments are time sensitive and required throughout clients stay in treatment. Must demonstrate medical/clinical need for continued residential services or progression to an outpatient level of care.
  • Complete a biopsychosocial assessment and utilize it to develop treatment plans as well as modify treatment plans as needed.
  • Prepare monthly progress reports, clinical reports, and document all services in the electronic health record and per oversight agency guidelines.
  • Observe urine screens, perform facility head counts, monitor medications, and assure the safety of the facility.

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