Haven Administrative Investigation

Prison Rape Elimination Act Flow Chart
Resident on Resident/Staff on Resident
Haven Administrative Investigation

  1. Allegation is Reported to Staff

    1. Staff notifies his/her direct supervisor and begins documenting information.
      1. Supervisor will notify Program Director
      2. Program Director will notify PREA Coordinator
  2. Direct Supervisor Duties

    1. Any investigation will immediately be suspended if there is any suspicion of criminal activity.
    2. Direct Supervisor and staff will triage immediate situation and evaluate immediate safety needs. Any needed action will be taken and documented.
    3. Direct Supervisor will notify Program Director.
    4. Notify PREA Investigator (PREA Coordinator)
      1. PREA Investigator will be responsible for any internal PREA investigation with the aid of the Program Director or designee.
      2. PREA Investigator is responsible for compiling all relevant data obtained) in the PREA Investigation notebook. A log will be maintained of contacts with all agencies, if other agencies are involved.
  3. PREA Investigator and/or Program Director will:

    1. Notify oversight and supervisory agencies as needed.
    2. Monitor or conduct the questioning of all individuals involved and continue this process until all statements have been gathered. Document all information received.
    3. Coordinate with staff to ensure correct investigative procedures are followed.
    4. Monitor the status of the Administrative investigation.
    5. Take any additional steps required to assure client, staff, and/or community safety.
    6. Update the PREA Coordinator Notebook/Log as information becomes available.
    7. Ensure that monitoring for retaliation is being carried out and documented.
  4. Determination

    1. Substantiated
      1. Victim will be notified of the outcome of the investigation.
    2. Unsubstantiated
      1. Victim will be notified of the outcome of the investigation.
    3. Unfounded
      1. Victim will be notified of the outcome of the investigation.
  5. Final Steps

    1. PREA incident review team will complete a review of the incident and complete the PREA Incident Review Team Report, if needed.
      1. If action plan required, follow up documentation will be required at the end of the action plan period and attached as an addendum.
    2. PREA Disciplinary Sanction Report will be completed for all clients receiving disciplinary sanctions related to the incident.
    3. PREA Coordinator will review the PREA Victim/Predator Screen and reassess both victim and offender based on any substantiated allegation.
    4. Supervisor or PREA Coordinator will monitor for retaliation using the PREA Retaliation Monitoring form.
    5. Victim will continue to receive any mental health services needed to address issues caused by the incident. Mental health services may be provided by ARTS personnel or though referral to external agency.
    6. PREA Coordinator will document statistics from the incident for the PREA Annual Report.
    7. Documentation from all steps will be retained by the PREA Coordinator in the PREA Coordinator notebook.

Procedure for Resident on Resident & Staff on Resident Investigation is similar. If a staff member is alleged to be involved he/she will not be involved in the investigative process. Program Director will delegate any duties which may present a conflict of interest to another staff with equal or greater qualifications. Concurrently with the Haven administrative investigation, Program Director will assure compliance with all ARTS & University of Colorado Denver Policies which govern staff conduct and discipline.