Inspiration for Men

Men’s Residential

Peer I mens substance use treatment at Addiction Research and Treatment Center in Denver, Colorado. Recovery starts here, speak to a specialist: 303-734-5000

We know change is hard! Inspiration for Men is a residential treatment program for men navigating the challenges of substance or alcohol abuse. For more information, Call 303-734-5000.

Inspiration for Men provides a supportive environment for men on the journey to a better and healthier life. We offer compassionate care and support throughout the recovery process. We use evidence-based practices to help individuals develop healthy coping skills, change unhealthy behaviors, and become self-sufficient, confident, and productive members of our community.

At Inspiration for Men, your individualized treatment plan includes:

  • Trauma-informed care
  • Individual counseling and evidence-based groups
  • Psychiatric evaluation and mental health therapy
  • Medication Assisted Treatment, if clinically indicated
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with a focus on learning new coping skills
  • Communication skills and conflict resolution
  • Employment preparation and resume writing skills
  • Case Management
  • Continuation of care through our outpatient services
  • Transitional living options

Licensure and Credentials

Peer I Program for adult men with substance use disorders at Addiction Research and Treatment Services in Denver, Colorado. Inspiration for Men is licensed by Colorado’s Behavioral Health Administration. Our staff consists of licensed professionals, master-level clinicians, certified addictions specialists and technicians, and peer recovery specialists many of whom have personal experience in recovery from substance addiction.

If you are impacted by a severe substance use disorder, call us today to speak with one of our Admissions Counselors at 303-734-5000! Inspiration for Men is here to support you on your path to recovery.